Moroccan Rug Cleaning NYC | Why Choose Us

Moroccan rugs are adored by both homeowners and business owners in NYC. But a Moroccan rug—just like any other rug—does not stay in good condition forever, and when a Moroccan rug gets dirty it’s best to get it cleaned by professionals like us. Our Moroccan rug cleaning experts have been cleaning these exotic rugs for years, which means they fully know the ins and outs of Moroccan rug cleaning.
We clean Moroccan rugs with high-quality cleaning products and leading technology, and this is why we’re always able to ensure spotless cleaning services. But we don’t just specialize in rug cleaning. We also can deliver a wide range of Moroccan rug restoration services. These services are often sought by those who want to avoid rug replacement.
Throughout our time in business, we have served both residential and commercial clients. No rug cleaning job is too complex for our experts, nor is any job too large. If you need first-rate Moroccan rug cleaning in NYC, choose us!

Our Services

Rug Cleaning

Our cleaning specialists have cleaned thousands of rugs, and they know exactly how to ensure a Moroccan rug is safe throughout the cleaning process.


Rug Restoration & Repair

When you need rug recoloring, rug reweaving, rug binding, rug fringing, or any other kind of rug restoration service, our trusted team can help you.


The Rugs We Clean Often For Clients

We don’t only clean Moroccan rugs. These are, however, the rugs we clean most often. Our technicians are true Moroccan rug cleaning pros, and they’ve cleaned more rugs than they can even count. Moroccan rug cleaning isn’t a DIY task, as one could make a costly mistake during cleaning and destroy their rug. Why take a chance when pros like us are out there?
Here are some of the other rugs we’re often called on to clean by both home and business owners in NYC.
Shag rugs
Cotton rugs
Jute rugs
Bamboo rugs
Wool rugs
Silk rugs
Persian rugs
Oriental rugs
Leather rugs
Sheepskin rugs
Polyester rugs
Navajo rugs
Synthetic rugs
Area rugs


We’ve Been Cleaning Moroccan Rugs In NYC For Years

For years, we have been trusted and preferred by Moroccan rug owners in NYC, and throughout our time in business we have learned the value of delivering first-rate service consistently. We are in a referrals-based business, which means our ever-growing client list is a direct result of our ability to always satisfy our clients. If you have specific cleaning instructions, we’ll follow these to a T to ensure your rug is cleaned exactly how you like.


We Deliver An Eco-friendly Rug Cleaning Service

We can clean Moroccan rugs with green and non-toxic rug cleaning products if this is what a client wishes. You won't have to worry about our eco-friendly cleaning products damaging your Moroccan rug. We have been cleaning with these products for years, and we've never had a problem.
Our eco-friendly rug cleaning service is preferred by those who have young children and/or pets at home. When we're done with cleaning, your rugs will be ready for use immediately.